Releasing Memory: Lotus Thinking

Releasing Memory: Lotus Thinking


There are many ways of releasing. Some times the emotion IS NOT the only issue we face with it comes to hanging on to things that no longer serve us. When we have pain and trauma that goes unresolved for a long time we can forget the initial trigger for the emotional cascade. It is paramount that we remember no it isn’t. BUT I do know some of you have a deep longing and want to resolve your inner issues at the root level.

Enter Lotus Thinking. This releasing visualizing technique is best used to find root cause of pain, repeated negative experience or other situations in which your would like to understand at a deeper level. Yep, there are many of us who psychoanalysis ourselves. Lotus thinking is a refreshing non circular way to get to root cause and finally FINALLY release those emotions and cellular memory.

Lotus Thinking:

You are the beautiful lotus flower, only you have yet to bloom because things are

holding you back. So let’s think back This part is traveling down the flower stem and

into the murky water.

It is cloudy, and a little muddy. Feel those emotions.

If there is more there, keep traveling down that stem.

The stem is where you can see and acknowledge each instance or memory.

Move into the soil of the pond at the root of the lotus flower.

This is akin to moving back into your thoughts, sorting out how

you felt when things were good, and experiencing the way things are now. A duality of sorts.

This helps you to find that point in time that those negative/undesirable changes

occurred. The discovery of these root feelings trigger release.

Think of a root locked flower and how it can not grow more until the roots are released and planted

further into the ground.

When you release these roots and massage them back to life, these are your stored emotions.

You have just sent a cascade of energy and love straight back up the lotus flower stem.

This causes YOU, your lotus flower to bloom and explode straight up through the step, bursting through the murky water and stretching with vibrancy and beauty straight to the sun!

Let me know how you are doing with this release technique. What are you releasing? How are your changing? My inbox is always open.